Flexible Additive Manufacturing for competitive Maritime Components


Dr Afaf Saai, SINTEF Industry, Norway


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Research institute

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Research institute

Project Abstract

The FlexiMan project is an industrial-driven research project aiming to redesign the existing manufacturing chain for three nautical applications, enhancing their product functionalities and reducing cost and lead time by 40%. The project will develop flexible manufacturing approaches based the additive manufacturing - Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technologies, which will be optimized to account for the demands on design, materials, functionalities, and other requirements related to standardization in the maritime sector. The project has a strong focus on the qualification of DED processes and produced components to guarantee a successful industrial implementation of DED in maritime sector.

The manufacturing approaches developed in this project will combine DED with conventional manufacturing to increase the competitiveness of maritime products. Three components of maritime propulsion and pump systems will be built as demonstrators to validate these manufacturing approaches and to ensure a successful exploitation of the project results. A recycling process of metal

grinding waste will also be investigated. The project will develop procedures for postprocessing, analysing and qualification of recycled powder optimized for DED process. The aim is to enable sustainable raw powders for AM/HM processes and to improve efficiency of maritime circular economy.

FlexiMan is funded by the MarTERA partners Research Council of Norway (RCN) and German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Project Start

March 2020

36 month
Project Budget

Total Cost: 1.5 M€
Funding: 1.1 M€