Development of Smart Nanostructured Layers for Sensing Corrosion in Aquatic Structures

Project Coordinator

Dr João Tedim, University of Aveiro, Portugal



Research institute


Project Abstract

The aim is to develop a sensing nanolayer applied directly on steel structures, to provide cost-effective, reliable means of detecting corrosion degradation. The sensing properties will be achieved by incorporation of smart additives which are responsive to the local conditions verified close to the metal substrate, combining colorimetric with magnetic detection, permitting thus to monitor the overall integrity of the structure. The additives to be developed are based upon inorganic hosting structures for controlled release of optically active species such as pH indicators and magnetic nanoparticles. Application scenarios for this technology include aquaculture structures, offshore wind foundations, oil and gas structures and ship hulls.

SMARTAQUA is funded by the MarTERA partners Foundation for Science and Technology Portugal (FCT), Research Council of Norway (RCN) and Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and co-funded by the European Union.

Project Start

March 2018


36 months

Project Budget

Total cost: 0.7 M€
Funding: 0.7 M€