MarTERA Call 2020: Step 2 Outcomes

Full proposals with the total requested funding of € 9.5 million passed the step 2 procedure.

The MarTERA Call 2020 was implemented as a two-step procedure (a pre-proposal and a full-proposal step). In the first step, the pre-proposals have been assessed according to the national criteria by the participating ministries/funding organisations. Successful pre-proposals have been invited for step 2, where the submitted full proposals were evaluated and ranked by international experts. Based on the ranking list and the availability of budgets, the participating funding organisations selected 9 projects with applicants from Belgium-Flanders, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey. The projects are scheduled to start from mid 2021.

The following table summarises the outcomes of the step 2 procedure of the MarTERA Call 2020.

MarTERA Call 2020 step 2 outcome

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