10/09/2018 - 14/09/2018 / Bergen, Norway / Conference download iCal

UMC 2018

The 47th Underwater Mining Conference (UMC) will take place in Bergen, Norway and brings together global experts from government, academia and industry to exchange information and ideas on underwater mining.

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The 47th Underwater Mining Conference (UMC) is organized by the International Marine Minerals Society in partnership with the K.G. Jensen Centre for Deep Sea Research at the University of Bergen and Global Centres of Expertise (GCE) Subsea. It gives insight into commercial and technical developments regarding deep-sea minerals, deep-sea mining and metallurgical processing of marine mineral resources.

This year's UMC focuses on the topics

  • Exploring the deep sea: Technological developments towards improved autonomy, range and capabilities of underwater vehicles
  • Uncovering hidden deposits: latest geological and geophysical methods to explore the deep sea
  • Early developments of offshore oil and gas and how to transpose acquired knowledge to deep-sea mining: setbacks, success stories and present challenges
  • Lessons learnt from near shore mining: diamonds, aggregates and new possibilities
  • Plumes in the deep sea: impact on dispersal, mitigation, baseline, EIA, and regulatory measures
  • Deep-sea mining pilot experiences
  • Law of the Sea: EEZ, area and nations regulatory framework
  • Economic model for future mining: resources, demand for new “uncommon“ metals, serious analysis based on up-to-date data

For more information please visit the UMC 2018 websites.