08/11/2018 - 09/11/2018 / Busan, South Korea / Conference download iCal


This is the first in a series of annual conferences on autonomous ship technology and applications. In 2018 it will be held in Busan, South Korea.

The International Network for Autonomous Ship (INAS)  arranges the 1st International Conference on Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (ICMASS 2018, to be held in Busan, South Korea), which will be established as an annual event. ICMASS addresses current research and academic activities in the field of maritime autonomous surface ships. This year's conference will focus on the the following topics:

  • Technology developments
  • Test procedures and acceptance criteria
  • Innovative applications
  • Shore and port infrastructure
  • E-navigation support
  • National and international regulatory developments
  • Towards standard testbed principles and procedures

For more information, please visit the conference website.