MarTERA management structure

Main bodies of MarTERA management structure consist of a Steering Committee (SC), the project Coordinator (CO) and the Executive Team (ET).

 MarTERA structure

The Coordinator (CO)

The Coordinator of the project is JÜLICH (Project Management Juelich, PtJ), represented by Filiz Aslan.The primary role of the coordinator is to represent the consortium towards the EC as well as to be the promoter and controller of the overall progress of MarTERA. On the other hand to informe WATERBORNE , JPI Oceans etc. on the MarTERA project status

 Call Office: The MarTERA Call Office will serve as call secretariat for the calls in the frame of MarTERA.

Steering Committee (SC)

The Steering Committee (SC) will be composed of one representative per MarTERA partner and will be the decision-making body for the duration of the grant agreement. It is chaired by a representative of the coordinating organisation, JÜLICH.

Executive Team (ET)

The Executive Team (ET) will be composed of the WP- and task-leaders and will be chaired by the coordinator. The role of the ET will be to ensure the efficient and timely implementation of the whole work plan from the launch of the cofounded call to the final report. The ET will be in charge for the implementation of the proposed work plan and will execute the decisions taken by the SC. It is not a decision-making body but will advise the Coordinator in the overall management of the consortium.

International Evaluation Panel (IEP)

The IEP will be composed of international experts for the evaluation of  proposals submitted in Step 2 based on their acknowledged scientific excellence in the research areas covered by these proposals .